• Addict_2015_v7-01Experienced consultants only – Lemarco guarantees you will only work with Senior Professionals. Erik Verheyden and Patrick Dalle both have more than 15 years of experience in helping B2B companies with their go-to-market strategies.
  • Integrated approach – Lemarco’s integrated approach guarantees all the critical success factors for your go-to-market strategy are addressed, from the design of your initial value proposition to the alignment between marketing and sales.
  • 50% subsidy by KMO Portefeuille – The government institute  ‘Agentschap Ondernemen’ recognizes Lemarco as Service Provider for KMO Portefeuille. If you are a small or medium-sized business in Flanders, you can benefit from 50% subsidy through KMO Portefeuille.

More info? Talk to us: +32 3 828 26 36

Visit the KMO Portefeuille website (Dutch language)

Download the KMO Portefeuille brochure (English language)

How collaborate with Lemarco ?


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