Abecon launches online recruitment campaign

Now that the product website nav365.be has completely been restyled, refurbished and revamped, Abecon Belgium just launched a recruitment campaign online. Check out this landing page. Lemarco helped to translate Abecon’s vision and values to potential job candidates, offering them the bigger picture and introducing them to the true benefits of working at this company. It’s clearly more… Read More

Next year, dump the word “digital”

A recent post from Paul Van Cotthem “It’s time to dump digital” inspired me to update my professional headline in LinkedIn accordingly and drop the word “digital”. Because it’s true: the word “digital” has become a superfluous word nowadays. While I often write about digital topics, I couldn’t agree more. “Digital” as a “thing” needs to go away.… Read More

Will 2016 be the year of video?

Many marketing experts have predicted that 2016 will be the year for videos. This is no surprise given leading content marketing brands like Red Bull, Netflix, GoPro, Cisco, Amazon, and many more are already using videos to build awareness and loyalty with their customers. If your company is still unsure whether they should invest in video… Read More

Dear marketeer, prepare for the disruptive economy…

Uber. Airbnb. Spotify. Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past years, you’ll know about the sharing economy and how it’s disrupting business models. The big names in tech no longer own the content, services or products that their multi-billion pound businesses revolve round. But how has mobile and this ‘digital layer’ transformed… Read More

Maakt LinkedIn deel uit van uw SEO-strategie?

LinkedIn wordt door SEO-professionals vaak genegeerd als waardevol sociaal mediaplatform in de zoekmachine marketingstrategie.  Toch is dat een misvatting.   B2B marketeers hebben er  in feite alle belang bij om LinkedIn als sociaal mediakanaal in te schakelen. De vorige blog beantwoordt de vraag waarom dat zo is.  Hier volgen nog enkele eenvoudige tips hoe u met LinkedIn beter scoren… Read More