The route to Supply Chain Visibility in the chemical industry

Supply chain visibility is all about knowing where inventory  is  at  any  moment  in  time.  But  critically,  this  information needs to be acted upon and applied to many touch points across a supply chain — from supplier, to service provider, to  end  customer  —  in  order  to  maximise  supply  chain performance. This  is  especially  true … Read More

Case story by Lemarco: Ferranti hosts UiT database containing 130,000 activities: predictable costs and more peace of mind for CultuurNet Vlaanderen

A concert, show, exhibition or movie? A sports event, a hike, an evening of cards or a fun fair? The UiT database, managed by CultuurNet, is the beating heart of an extensive network of leisure organisers and publication channels. Around 23,000 organisers enter over 130,000 activities every year into the database, without charge and online.… Read More