3VjnU61P_400x400Introducing a new product category
ClickShare is a wireless presentation and collaboration system that allows in-company meeting participants to share content on the central meeting room screen. Barco’s objective in 2016 was to realise a double digit international growth for what was basically a new product category: how can you trigger the need for a product that people don’t know yet?

Defining the Buying Journey
The first objective was to increase category awareness for ClickShare as an innovative solution that was still unknown. In order to identify the customer journey and build an appropriate value proposition, Patrick Dalle conducted a Market Research among 70 existing end customers in order to outline the detailed buying journey for the solution.
The market research would actually uncover two distinct buying scenarios for ClickShare: the ‘impulse’ scenario and the ‘refurbishment’ scenario. This allowed Patrick Dalle to build a detailed Persona model for ClickShare starting from the two major triggers that would actually launch the buying journey.

Building the go-to-market strategy
The Persona model and the 2 distinct major buying scenarios being identified, would allow to finetune the appropriate value propositions tailored to the right Persona. This laid the foundation for designing an appropriate go to market strategy, which was based on three pillars:

  • Increase end user awareness together with the marketing agency Ogilvy, with a strong focus on online awareness, lead generation and conversion;
  • Increase the channel enablement of existing audio-video resellers, by motivating them to leverage Barco’s marketing activities using the Zinfi platform;
  • Increase channel capacity by recruiting a new category of IT resellers that would drive purchases in the ‘impulse’ scenario.

Aligning stakeholders
In a large company like Barco, managing internal and external stakeholders was a critical success factor. Aligning internal departments (product management, marketing, sales and management) with sometimes conflicting interests in weekly status meetings, required a strict project governance. On a strategic level, Patrick Dalle held regular presentations a CxO-level that would secure permanent buy-in from management. The daily contact with the marketing agency Ogilvy in London, responsible of the implementation of the go-to-market, was the third pillar of successful stakeholder management in this project.

The result
Designing and implementing this go-to-market strategy, Patrick Dalle contributed to a double digit revenue increase for ClickShare in 2016 on the US and European markets. On the commercial side, a consistent focus on online lead conversion resulted in a significant number of leads coming from Barco’s own web site, while channel partners’ marketing and sales efforts accounted for the remainder of the growth.