Abecon launches online recruitment campaign

Now that the product website nav365.be has completely been restyled, refurbished and revamped, Abecon Belgium just launched a recruitment campaign online. Check out this landing page. Lemarco helped to translate Abecon’s vision and values to potential job candidates, offering them the bigger picture and introducing them to the true benefits of working at this company. It’s clearly more… Read More

It’s time to put customers in the right context

We’re in the age of the empowered customer, where experience is the last differentiator and customer loyalty is hard to win—and harder to keep. (source: “7 Lessons from visionary Context Marketers” by Sitecore) With the end of year in sight, it’s time to reflect.  But allow me to look back 10-15 years and jump to… Read More

Next year, dump the word “digital”

A recent post from Paul Van Cotthem “It’s time to dump digital” inspired me to update my professional headline in LinkedIn accordingly and drop the word “digital”. Because it’s true: the word “digital” has become a superfluous word nowadays. While I often write about digital topics, I couldn’t agree more. “Digital” as a “thing” needs to go away.… Read More