The route to Supply Chain Visibility in the chemical industry

supply chain visibility picture transwide.pngSupply chain visibility is all about knowing where inventory  is  at  any  moment  in  time.  But  critically,  this  information needs to be acted upon and applied to many touch points across a supply chain — from supplier, to service provider, to  end  customer  —  in  order  to  maximise  supply  chain performance.

This  is  especially  true  in  the  chemical  sector,  where  companies  need  to  know  exactly  how  their  products  are  being  handled  and  where  they are  at  every  stage  of  the  manufacturing  and  shipping  process.  The dangerous nature of the goods means an incident can have wide-ranging implications, so having end-to-end visibility and traceability is absolutely vital. Achieving  this  clarity  within  the  four  walls  of  an  enterprise  is  difficult enough  but  it  becomes  even  more  daunting  a  challenge  when  looking  to connect  to  the  outside  world  and  multiple  parties.

The  current  data  silos stemming  from  point-to-point  connectivity  within  ERP  environments  do not allow for easy sharing of information across a wide range of partners, who may have different levels of IT capabilities.

Download the full whitepaper here

Transwide, part of Alpega Group, is an end to-end Transport Management System addressing the specific requirements of companies in the chemical and agro industries.

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