Case story by Lemarco: Ferranti hosts UiT database containing 130,000 activities: predictable costs and more peace of mind for CultuurNet Vlaanderen

A concert, show, exhibition or movie? A sports event, a hike, an evening of cards or a fun fair? The UiT database, managed by CultuurNet, is the beating heart of an extensive network of leisure organisers and publication channels. Around 23,000 organisers enter over 130,000 activities every year into the database, without charge and online.

Cultuurnet“The potential storage volume is spread over hundreds of hard disks. All we need to do is make a phone call to activate more disk space, instead of buying a new disk every time!” (Wouter Simons, IT Administrator CultuurNet)


Running against system limits

In the past, the mission critical CultuurNet database depended on on-premise Blade servers. Wouter Simons, ICT administrator at CultuurNet: “Given the growing size of the database, the servers regularly ran up against performance limits. The total input/output performance depends on the number of physical hard disks available. All too often, we were forced to add new hard disks, which would solve the problem… until the next performance peak would occur.”

Wouter Simons knew Ferranti since several years and asked them to make a proposal for a new solution that would solve these performance and IT management issues. “Our start point was simple: managing and upgrading the IT infrastructure should be someone else’s problem… not ours”, added Wouter Simons.

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