McDonalds: be unhealthy, be yourself

130213 Lemarco golden Circle.001Following Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle, any company should always act according to the very reason it was initially created by the founders. A company should always follow the ‘Why’ of its existence. You can’t just become something 180° different than you have always been, even when the market changes.

McDonalds is a good example of how not to respond to market changes. They haven’t been doing good in the past years. As fast food became less popular, the company started deviating from their core mission: to offer unhealthy food and give people a well-deserved naughty moment.

What did McDonalds do? They started mentioning calories on their hamburgers and Big Mac’s. Honestly, I’m not interested in reading about how much calories I consume when I eat at McDonalds. I know why I go there.  McDonalds similarly started offering ‘healthy’ food like salads, yoghurt with fruit and wraps. A big mistake; totally un-like McDonald’s core business. Allow me my naughty moment, please.

There is always a value in being yourself throughout all changes. If not the good, just remain the bad or the ugly.


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