It’s time to put customers in the right context

We’re in the age of the empowered customer, where experience is the last differentiator and customer loyalty is hard to win—and harder to keep.

(source: “7 Lessons from visionary Context Marketers” by Sitecore)

With the end of year in sight, it’s time to reflect.  But allow me to look back 10-15 years and jump to that one thing that will really matter in 2016. Because it will be the key differentiator in “being just good at doing marketing” or simply “being there where your customers are”. Check? Now reflect.

Customers have more power than ever before. They have huge expectations of the companies they do business with. And they won’t hang around waiting for you to catch up. We all know it’s true because we’re all customers. And all of us—the modern, connected, empowered customers— are demanding context.

Context. Enter the big elephant in the room.


Finding the Holy Grail in “context marketing” is one of the main things I spent my precious time as a digital marketeer at Microsoft (and later at Pintera).  Call it web, online, content, digital… it’s quite clear that the profound functional description of an online marketeer has gone through many definitions, that a CIO or even a CMO doesn’t understand. Let aside a prospect customer with whom I sit at the table as a consultant nowadays.

Today, it takes more than a good understanding and practice of every aspect of web, online, social, content marketing skills. I doubt if one person can simply absorb all that knowledge by himself. To make it even more challenging, those lines between the different aspects get blurrier every day. And there’s always a new kid on the block. A kid that has been already been here for quite some time, but never really played with the big guys. In 2016, that will definately be “context“.

As a marketeer, you need to always put context above content. But how do you that? How do you put every message, every campaign, every customer, into the right context, the right time, the right tune, the right medium, the right device, with the right catch? A good context marketeer will do just that.

The wildfire proliferation of mobile devices has brought the internet into every part of our lives, with information and content always at our fingertips. We can compare prices and product reviews online while we’re shopping in a store. We can find a great nearby restaurant with a few taps and swipes. We can even pay bills while taking a walk in the woods.

Now that we’re all used to these kinds of intuitive, contextual experiences, we’ve developed a completely new mindset as customers. Which is why, as marketers, it’s critical that we develop a new mindset to match.

It’s time to evolve and thrive—or stand still and wither away.

Follow me in 2016 to give you more insight and useful tips and tricks to make your life easier, as a … context marketeer.

Because it’s true. Say goodbye to digital, online or even content marketing.  Welcome to context marketing.

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