Your B2B value proposition: Sell the hole, not the drill

Addict_2015_v6-01 2Nothing is more important for success in B2B, than having a good value proposition. The lack of attention that B2B companies give to this topic keeps surprising me: it’s like starting to write a book without having a story in mind.

But what is a good value proposition in B2B? Of course; it should be short, compelling, unique,…  but that’s not the main issue. A strong value proposition should be built outside-in: thinking about the customer’s situation in the first place, rather than about your own products and services.

Therefore, it’s good to start working around 3 key topics:

  1. What is the job that my potential customers need to get done ? By the way, ‘wholesale’ or ‘industry’ are not jobs. This are just verticals. What we are talking about, is more like a role-based approach approach, similar to one used in the Persona model.
  2. What are those people’s main pain points ? What are the daily challenges and obstacles that prevent them from doing their job properly? By the way: those same pain points also need to be addressed by salespeople during their meetings with customers!
  3. Which potential gains could really help those people doing their jobs better ?

Applying these 3 principles will help you talk about the customer rather than about yourself and end up in a strong value proposition. And when you relate to your own offering, it will automatically be about benefits, not product features.

Sell the hole, not the drill !


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