Where is Google’s vision for 2025?

In 1961, Kennedy announced a man would walk on the moon before the end of the decade. This goal was achieved in 1969. But where is Google’s vision for 2025 ?

Google suffers from the disease of many technology companies in our times. They tend to believe the future is indefinite and that nobody can predict what the future will bring anyway. They have no bold vision like Kennedy had. So, with a lot of money, why not try a bit of everything and put it under an umbrella called “Alphabet”…. Something might finally work, right ?

Like so many technology companies with a lot of money but lack of vision, Google falls in the “trial & error” trap: trying lots of new initiatives, hoping that some of them might one day become successful.

Imagine Kennedy said: “Well, among lots of other initiatives, NASA will try to bring a man on the moon somewhere in the future. But I’m not sure we’ll achieve it, that’s why it’s just one of the many things we’re planning to do.” Had Kennedy said that, I’m sure there wouldn’t have been a man on the moon in 1969.

OK, Google was successful by (buying!) Youtube and creating Android. But it’s Google’s other “trial & error” initiatives that are worrying :

  • Nest (smart connected home devices)
  • Calico (the mad science project)
  • Life Sciences (the glucose-sensing contact lens)
  • Fiber (high speed internet)
  • Google Ventures (venture capital business)
  • Google Capital (investment fund)
  • Google auto-driving cars
  • Google Glass
  • Internet by balloon
  • Project Fi (virtual mobile network)

Where is the bold plan ? Put my children on Mars. Make my grandchildren live 150 years in good health. Beam me up (how old-fashioned is a car, even self-driving). Google, please make me dream. Give me just one, single huge dream that keeps me awake at night (wouldn’t that be an innovation in itself?).

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