Go-to-market success at the cutting edge of business and technology

More than 50% of the new technology offerings end up in failure

What is the main reason? The quality of the product? The marketing plan behind it? Or maybe the lack of alignment between both?

Your quest as a tech company is to find the holy grail named ‘Business-to-Profit’. Therefore, a solid go-to-market strategy is critical. It encompasses the alignment of product, technology marketing and all the stakeholders involved.

The winning go-to-market strategy

We do things differently. Starting by analyzing the customer target audiences and their buying journey, we match the identified needs with the product-service offered. The resulting value proposition that addresses the required sweet spot. This is the approach that will serve as a foundation for building the winning go-to-market strategy.

Breaking down the silo’s

Having a marketing department is fine. But the whole organization needs to remain aligned in order to avoid wasted efforts. We therefore keep a constant focus on breaking down the silo’s and keeping marketing constantly aligned with sales, product management and operations.

This is the marketing approach that we successfully applied for dozens of innovating business-to-business companies.

So why not for you?


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